Getting Started with Colorwheel

Q: I'm ready to secure my project with Colorwheel. But where do I start?

A: Simply select Contact Us and fill in the Project Quote Form. It won't take us long to contact you regarding a quote, If you wish to move forward we can prepare a invoice instantly.

Q: How do I make a Deposit to secure my Project Date?

A: To make a Instant deposit and secure your project date simply visit Payments in the Client Access.

Current Customers

Q: How long do you store my media for?

A: We store your Assets FREE for 30 calendar days this starts the day we wrap the filming. Longer then 30 days we charge $2 per 1GB on a Monthly basis. Ask your Account Manager for your Project's Storage requirments. Should you choose to keep your assets around for a later project.

Q: I want full resolution project assets! What is the process to release the files?

A: We are able to release ownership rights of all captured assets. This isn't required for us to work on your project, Standard projects only allow for agreed distribution of delivered content. To purchase full ownership rights of assets we typically charge $150-$250 per 1GB of data.

Q: My project has fell into a Lapse... What does this mean?

A: After many unsuccessful attempts to contact you, and 7 calendar days... We have moved your product into a Lapsed status. Your project can only be recovered if the lapse is less then 30 calendar days. There is a recovery fee of $100 to reauthorize your project.