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We need to understand the size of your project. How long you expect to fully capture your concept/ideas, Generally a well planned shot list and production script can save you tons of time. Production is already expensive!
Due to scheduling or complexity of your concept/ideas it may need to be filmed over a series of days. Generally it's more expensive to film 2 days traveling to a Location, then in the Studio. Locations can be created or built in the studio at your expense or can be factored into our rate.
Production Crew
Other then a Project Director or Camera Operator what other aspects are important to your video. Check all that apply...
Shooting with multiple cameras can save time. However detailed planning is essential, lighting and audio must be flexible for multi-cam projects. It is dramatically more expensive to maintain multiple camera productions.
Please note that small budget projects will be handled by a independent content creator in our team.
This is called a Video Village in the professional world. It's a easy way for groups of spectators to see whats coming out of the cameras. This is valuable for feedback during production to help us achieve your visions, the first time.
A specialist who can find the beauty of color in your images. Color can also be used to amplify your viewers emotions; Or even make different shooting days seem like one! The power of color is highly underestimated in video. I will always suggest a Colorist for every project!
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