The filming is done, but now what? Colorwheel Film can help you with all of your post production needs and create a finished project that matches your artistic vision. Whether you don’t have the equipment, need to fix specific film issues and trouble spots, or require a new perspective in the post production stage, we can help! Let us take over the tedious editing process and organize your content in a way that makes the most sense. That’s not all, though – preparing a film for release requires expert foresight, working through all of the pre-release steps to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch and the product is well received. We’ll ensure that it is!


We can Process, Cut, Splice and organize your content, in your direction! Script-free or Scripted.


Colors are very important to any project, we can bring to life your images by adding a little color!


It's highly recommended to screen your project before release. Let us organize that!